5 Best Free Duplicate File Finder For Windows 10 in 2019


Duplicate files in any computer system are the most common reason for low space of the hard drive. Not only it kills hard drive space but also It makes you frustrated. Sometimes also user faces an issue to find its Originals files. But due to these duplicate files, we experience trouble to find those. So, In order to get a solution for this issue, one should always to clean Those duplicate files with duplicate file finder. Duplicate file finder is the software program that scans your hard disc for unnecessary duplicate files. These duplicate files cause low hard disk space problem. You just only need to install this software, scan your drive that has low on space.

In this article will introduce you 5 best free duplicate file finder.

5 Best Free Duplicate File Finder

1). SearchMyFiles: –

SearchMyFiles is the alternative tool to the windows search function offered by Nirsoft. It gives users a variety of configuration options that make easier to locate a particular file and folders in your hard drive. It provides lots of additional search filters to the user to revolve around file size, attributes, timestamps (date of creation, last modification, and access) and breaking point (i.e. stop the search after finding the particular result).


The clean and simple user interface of SearchMyFiles makes it easier to use. The key features are represented by the search options and you can get started by selecting The search mode between standard, duplicate, non-duplicate and summary. It depends on you that what kind of search you want to do.

Do it is also a portable app so the installation of this app into your system is not required. I just only need to store it in any USB pen drive, can save it in your system and run directly its executable file.

2). CCleaner: –

CCleaner is a very popular computer utility program used to clean potentially various kind of unwanted files which includes temporary files of the computer system, temporary internet files, invalid Windows registry entry and various kind of malicious program and code from your computer. This multipurpose Utility tool also comes with a duplicate file finder.

CCleaner Duplicate file finderYou can access this feature by going to “CCleaner and click Tools > Duplicate Finder”  You don’t have to pay a for the Pro version of CCleaner software to have access to this feature. The option is turned off by default. So, so you have to enable it manually. One can also include or exclude files and folder location from the search.

3.) Auslogics Duplicate File Finder: –

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder a free utility program for windows. It helps users to locate and delete duplicate files on your hard drive to make it clean from the junk. The user interface of the application is very clean and easy to use. You can use this program to find duplicate files by selecting the type of duplicate files which you want to find includes images, audio, video, archives, applications or all.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

This application also gives you the option to set the search parameter of duplicate files by ignoring files that are smaller or larger than a particular size along with the names and dates.

This would be the best option as free duplicate file finder for Windows. Because it gives various kind of options that other software Providers are charging. So, Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is good to go.

4.) CloneSpy: –

As its name suggest, this free tool designed to detect and remove duplicate files. This software Scan not only the duplicate files but also those files with the same name as well. This feature comes in handy especially when you saved different version of the files and want to remove other old versions of the same. In this program, you can search for various types of duplicate file whether by name, size or location. You have also the option for automatic detection that gives you to a list with all the files or folders The have the program from for your action.

After the completion of the automatic scan, You can choose one of the preset Options like newer/older files, shorter/longer file name, shorter/longer full path, shorter/longer directory path.

5.) Duplicate & Same Files Searcher: –

The Duplicate & Same Files Searcher tool is the most feature-rich tool among all. But, being so feature-rich and immensely powerful this tool is also user-friendly. The interface of the application user-friendly. So, so you can immediately start a search by establishing the target drive.

Experienced users can tweak several configuration settings like include or exclude file types, maximum and minimum file size, look only for NTFS links to the same file.

After the completion of the scanning operation, you are able to see the original files and the duplicate files that are grouped together along with their name, location, size, date, and the number of fragments.

In addition, there is no option to save your search result for further processing purpose. Its fast search engine gives a detailed visualization of duplicate files, NTFS hard links, Junction points, and symbolic links.

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