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7 Ways To Remove Or Change Password Windows 10

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To secure your personal computer, it is recommended you should use Windows 10 user password. But sometimes It also happens that we don’t need any password to login into the computer system. Because people are alone or no one around which can breach the security and data. In this case, having to enter the password every time to login into your Windows system can make people really sick. So, here we are giving you 7 effective methods which give you a guide to Remove Or Change Password Windows 10.

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Method 1: – Remove Windows 10 Login Password from the control panel

This is the most common method you can use to remove or change password Windows 10 (Administrator login password). Follow the guide: –

1.) Open your computer system, click on the Windows start icon, search Control Panel, and click the result.

2.) Open the control panel in large icon view and click User Accounts.

3.) Under the user accounts, you will see Manage Another Account option, click it.

4.) Under the manage accounts, you will see different types of users. Click the one that you want to change remove the password.

5.) Now, here you will see three different option for your selected account. Among these three, click Change The Password option.

Change Password Windows 10

Now enter your existing password in the current password box. Just leave the new password and confirm new password box. This will remove your Windows 10 administrator password. You can also change Password Windows 10 by typing your new password and confirming it.

Method 2: – Using Command Prompt, Remove Windows 10 Administrator Password

This is the easiest method among all that we will discuss in this article.

1.) Click on the start menu, search for the command prompt and open CMD as in administrator mode. When the command prompt opens, type the following command:

net user administrator *

Here, replace Administrator With your user account name and hit enter.

2.) When you are asked to type a “New Password”, just leave it blank and press enter twice. As you leave the option “Type a password for user” blank, no administrator password is saved in the system. It removes your current Windows Administrator password.

As you can see, it is the easiest option to remove your administrator password with no hassle. I will recommend you to try it once.

Method 3: – Removing Password from Windows 10 Settings

It is also an easy method as a CMD command. Follow these steps to remove the password for the local account. Know more about How To Change Password (Reset Password)

1.) Click on the Windows icon in the start menu.

2.) Click on the Settings icon.

3.) Now, Select Accounts and you are seeing different options here. Choose Sign-in options among these.

4.) Under the Sign-in options, click on the Password section choose the Change button.

5.) After clicking on the Change button, it will prompt you to enter your current password, Enter it, and proceed Next.

6.) Next step, it will ask you to change your password by typing a new password and re-enter it again. Just leave these boxes empty and click Next.

Change Password Windows 10

Once you have completed these steps, the password will no longer be required to log in your Windows 10 laptop or desktop. This method is as same as method 1. Here, you can again change password Windows 10 by putting a new one in the boxes.

Method 4: – Remove Password Using “netplwiz” 

However, this option I will not remove your password. It just skips asking you to enter the password for login. Follow the steps: –

1.) Open your computer’s system and in Windows search bar, type “netplwiz” hit enter on the keyboard.

2.) Now, the User Accounts option will open and you will see all your user names here. Select your user name and uncheck the box of “user must enter a username and password to use this computer” and click Apply.

3.) This time you have to enter your password once just to ensure that no unauthorized person will change these settings. Enter your account password and click OK.

Now next time whenever you open your Windows 10 computer system, it will take you to your Windows 10 interface without asking for the password for login.

Method 5: – Remove Password Using Local Users and Group

This is also a method you can use to remove your administrator password on Windows 10 using local users and group snap-in. Follow the steps to do so: –

1.) Open your Run command by pressing Windows key + R key together and type lusrmgr.msc and click OK.

2.) Now, under the Local Users and Groups, The Click users. Select the required user account you want to change the password and right-click on it. Choose set password option.

A box will be open which asks you to enter a new password and confirm password. Just leave it empty and hit ok. After this, the Windows password will be removed successfully. Enjoy..!!

Method 6: – Remove Windows 10 Administrator Password Using Third-Party Application

If you forgot your account password, then this tool can be very helpful to you to recover or can also delete the current Windows 10 administrator password. There is the number of password recovery tools available, but in this article, we are using a Passper tool. Follow the steps: –

However, it is an easy method but requires a bootable disk, whether it is CD, DVD or USB flash drive. So, make sure you know how to create a bootable disk drive. If you don’t then know first.

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1.) Insert your flash drive for creating a bootable disk then click on create button to create a bootable Flash drive. Eject it when the burning process is complete.

windows 10 password reset

2.) Now, insert it into that locked PC for which you want to reset the password. Select your brand and computer type and click next.

Change Password Windows 10

3.) After this, keep pressing the key until the boot menu appears. Then choose your CD or DVD or flash drive and the operating system of your locked PC. Click next to proceed further. To remove Windows password and the account the password you want to remove. After some time, your password will be removed completely.

Method 7: – Remove Windows 10 Administrator Password Using PC unlocker

It is also a third party application used as a Windows password removal tool. It also allows you to remove a forgotten administrator password for any Windows 10 PC. The requirement of this tool is also the same as in method 6. You have a bootable flash drive to make use of it. Follow the steps: –

1.) Burn PC unlocker ISO file onto USB flash drive using freeware ISO2disc.

windows 10 password reset usb

2.) Insert your booted USB flash drive into the locked computer and restart it. Once your computer booted to the PC unlocker tool, select the user account which you want and then click the Reset Password button.

windows 10 password reset usb

This will immediately remove the Windows administrator password. Now, eject your USB drive and reboot your computer system. You can log into your Windows 10 administrator account with no password. Enjoy..!!

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