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cmd command

How To Hide Folder Using CMD Attrib Command

The privacy should be the priority first whether it is your personal life or your professional life. Now, in today's world privacy is the hottest topic among all. If you are a daily computer...
pen drive

How to Show Hidden Files After Antivirus Scan From USB

I am pretty much confident and sure that once in a while you also have experienced this issue. When you are scanning your pen drive with any anti-virus program and after the scanning, you...
how to format hard drive

How To Format Hard Drive Windows 10 Using PowerShell Command

When you buy any new Laptop, Desktop or any new hard drive, you need to completely format it to erase all data present in it. You have to do it for the installation of...
Windows 10 Tweaks

7 Windows 10 Tweaks To Maximize OS Performance

No ones want a slow PC. We are living in a world where time is money and everybody wants to get the most they can take out of their machine. So, if anyone has...
bootable pen drive

4 Easy Way To Create Bootable Windows 7/8/10 USB Pen Drive or Flash Drive

There is 4 different and easy way to create to bootable USB Pendrive /flash drive. In this article, we will be discussing those 4 methods. Read fully this article and comment down below that...
how to set password in windows 10

How To Set Password In Windows 10

How To Set Password In Windows 10? We are living in an era where losing the gadget like laptops or smartphone is more hurtful than losing money or anything else. Electronic gadgets become an integral...

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