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How To Set Password In Windows 10

We are living in an era where losing the gadget like laptops or smartphone is more hurtful than losing money or anything else. Electronic gadgets become an integral part of our life. So, it is very important to secure our electronic devices like laptop, smartphones, etc. In this article, we will learn how to set a password in windows 10.  So that no one can steal data from laptops or desktop. Hence, this article is all about “How To Set Password In Windows 10? .

If your system is running on windows 10 then you can easily set a password in windows 10 pc by the method that is given in this article. Remember after setting up the password into the windows system you have to remember the password all the time. Whenever you start your system, it will prompt to enter the password. So, make sure to remember it your mind. So, let get started “How to set up a password in windows 10”

How to add windows 10 password

Step 1: – Open Control Panel

First of all, you have to open the control panel of your Windows PC. To do this press windows key in your desktop or laptop keyboard and type “Control Panel” and hit “Enter key”. From the result, you will see the Control Panel icon and click on it.

How To Set Password

Step 2: – Click “User Account And Family Safety”

As you open your control pan;e you will see numbers of options in front of your eyes. Among these, you have to click on “User Account And Family Safety”. After it, you have to click on “User Account”.

Step 3: – Click on “Manage  Another Account”

As you clicked on  User Account Option, You will see options like “Change your account Name”, “Change your account type”, “Manage Another account”, etc. Out of these, Click on “Manage Another account”.

Step 4: – Select Your Account And Set A Password To The Computer

If you have a number of other accounts in your system, you can choose any of the accounts onto which you want to set the password. Just select your account, Click Create a password and then put the password. That is it… Done..!!


How To Set Password


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