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What is an eSIM Card And How It Works, Pros and Cons

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What is an eSIM card?

An eSIM stands for embedded Sim, a sim that cannot be removed from the device and also known as embedded Universal Integrated circuit card(e UICC). 

In general, we all are familiar with a physical sim card that is made of plastics And A Tiny metal strip in it that is the actual working part of it. We put This sim card inside the phone to make and receive a call. Here, physical swapping is required in order to change your sim card with another physical card if you to wish to change it. At this point make sure you know about what is a SIM card

But, instead of a physical sim card, eSim is built right into your phone. So, there is no requirement to change the SIM card, avoids the requirement for a connector, improving reliability and security. Also, there is no need for a user to manually insert it himself/herself.


Benefit of eSim

eSIM is pre-installed into mobile devices during the manufacturing of any smartphone and it completely empty. It means you cannot remove it from the device and also so you cannot put it into the device. The benefit of it is that you do not need to change your sim card in order to switch from one carrier operator to another carrier operator. In a physical sim card, you have to buy another sim card to use other career operator services but in eSim, it is not like that.

Normally a physical sim card stores the information of a consumer in that tiny metal strip that is in it. It basically contains the information that authenticates your identity tour carrier. This information is not rewritable.

But, in an eSIM, the information is rewritable that means you can decide to change the operator at any time. If you are a dual sim user then switching between one network to another is super easy with eSim.

Setting up an eSIM card iPhone

Activating the eSIM card is very easy, it just involves a simple QR code scanning. It is very similar to connecting a Wi-Fi with a password. The QR code will be provided to you by your carrier operator. Now use your career iPhone application and enter your information manually. Follow it as given below:

  1. Settings> Cellular
  2. Click Add Cellular Plan
  3. Use the device to scan the QR code


  1. The first advantage of it is that it does not require any sim tray that means with the use of eSim consumer or user can get much slimmer designed devices mobile devices
  2. User can switch One carrier operator to another carrier operator very easily e so it can be more beneficial for travelers.
  3. It is more secure sim card then the traditional sim card we are using right now
  4. It has a remote provisioning system so that you don’t have to wait for deactivating your old sim. You can activate your eSIM very easily.
  5. You can easily connect More devices with a single eSim. So, you can leave your phone at home and can go for jogging with your Smartwatch.


  1. It might be a headache, how to activate your e-sim do will have to contact your service provider then you have to Enter user id and password sent by the operator.
  2. Few devices offer it. It is usually for premium devices.


eSIMs came into existence in the year 2015, with Samsung Galaxy 2 Smartwatch that was the first device that had this feature. In 2017, Apple came With apple watch 3 and in 2018 with its latest iPhones that have this feature. However, we are still seeing in the traditional sim card setup and maybe it will so for a little more time but there is no doubt that eSIMs will take over it very soon.

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